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You're getting someone who works hard, you're getting someone who is dedicated, you're getting someone who really cares about the community and the country.

Tom Murphy, Mamaroneck Mayor
Testimonial - March 31 2020

I want someone in Congress who will stand up for us, the people, not just for what the party is going to do.

Robin Latimer
Testimonial - March 31 2020

"Catherine has been a remarkable leader for the Democrats of Westchester County and has worked tirelessly to take back the majority in the Legislature and to restore the county to fiscal stability."

Kirsten Browde, Chappaqua Democrat, Pres, LGBT Bar of NY
Testimonial - December 20 2019

"She was the first person to look up and take notice. From the moment I met her, Catherine has been a champion for human rights in the fight against racism and bias."

Jenny Bernhard, Activist
Testimonial - December 14 2019

“Devoted, hardworking, conscientious, loyal. She is politically savvy, but also business savvy. She will do what she always has - Catherine is going to get things done in Congress.”

Cai Palmer, Small Business Owner
Testimonial - December 14 2019

“She’s vibrant and dedicated. She’s a people person. Catherine just rallied everyone to get things going. She was instrumental in convincing merchants to re-start the Chamber of Commerce.”

Margaret Ricketts, Business Owner
Testimonial - December 14 2019
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